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According to a clinical study by doctors, Cryo T-Shock patients found:

44% Less Visible Fat, 87% Improved Body Shape, and 100% Enhanced Skin Quality.                       


The Science of Fat Reduction

A thermal shock fat reduction session is a safe, painless, non-invasive procedure for reducing adipose tissue through the application of alternating heat and cold flows sequenced in pre-programmed protocols organized by gender and treatment area. This approach does not involve risks for the patient that are involved with more invasive devices combining cold and suction. Thermal shock reduces the fat layer without damaging the skin or tissue surrounding the treated area.

Every fat reduction session ends with a period of heat applied to the treatment area as vasodilation relaxes the tissue stimulating the fat cells to release their lipids which pass through the lymphatic system in the first 48 hours. The fat cells are excreted through the lymphatic system over the next few months. This process allows for a much more efficient session than using heat or cold alone.

Fat reduction sessions are performed once every 2 weeks which allows for minimal time commitment from the client.

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